Slay the Water Tiger Cardigan

Coming soon $308.00

Available for purchase through DAWANG NYC's website:

Cardigan design inspired by the story of Wu Song, a character from the Water Margin (one of the four most well-known novels in China). Wu Song is fierce, for sure — known for his role in the classic story Outlaws of the Marsh, he downed 15 bowls of liquor (referencing the jugs of JIU (liquor) in the design) and killed a tiger in the forest with his bare hands. We wanted to express our Lunar New Year wishes to everyone: Slay the year of the tiger!!!

Besides the animal zodiac, Chinese tradition also follows the Five Elements (wu xing): metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. These two signs only meet every 60 years — so, like this combo, this sweater is basically once in a lifetime! Tigers represent courage, confidence and ambition. Water ties into the wise and the intuitive. When you wear our LNY 22 sweater, we hope you are reminded that all of these things are within you.